instructorimgplaceholdertiger.jpgHelen Szelepcsenyi – Owner, CEO, Lead Instructor

Helen has been a student of martial arts for 10 years now. When she first started training at Red Tiger Surrey, she was new to martial arts and exercise.  She found the learning process both challenging and can remember thinking it would be impossible to learn advanced martial arts.

Helen is an inspiring example of what you can achieve through hard work and dedication; with absolutely no experience in martial arts, she performed so well at her black belt testing that her adjudicators were unanimous in recognizing her achievement as the most impressive testing they had seen at Red Tiger Surrey to date. Helen achieved the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in December 2016 and has been teaching at Red Tiger Surrey since she was a red belt two years prior to getting her black belt. She is so passionate about martial arts that she dedicated her time volunteering as an assistant instructor for two years prior to becoming a lead instructor. Her husband also obtained his 1st Degree in October 2017 and their children are working towards the same goal.

Prior to opening her own school, Helen worked in the medical field for seven years.  Her priorities are her family, health and fitness, training, time with friends, and time outdoors.  Early work experience involved a long time spent on her family farm; where a hardworking and driven work ethic has shaped her systematic approach to surmounting every obstacle life puts in front of her.

As an instructor, she brings a calm and motivating presence to the classroom.  Her passion and attention to detail allows her to give clear, specific instruction and her students excel as a result.  Her own success in tackling the seemingly impossible makes her a natural leader and her students enjoy learning from her.  Even though her presence will be sorely missed at Red Tiger Surrey, all of her students and instructors are so proud and excited for this next step in Helen’s journey as a black belt instructor and school owner!

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